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Succession Planning
Introduction by Jerry Henkin, NNGA Librarian

With the bulk of the chores completed for this year's nut crop, now would be a good time to consider the long-term future of your farm. Even if you have a small acreage for growing nuts as a hobbyist, or wish to devote a portion of your property as a demonstration orchard for future generations, it is important to go learn how your goals will be accomplished and take appropriate action.

The "Farm Succession Guidebook" was made possible by a grant from the 2011 USDA Risk Management Education and Outreach Partnerships Program and is one outcome of a year-long project on farm and ranch succession planning by the Center for Land-Based Learning, California FarmLink, and the University of California Cooperative Extension. It is an excellent resource, and can be accessed at

Sections in this Guidebook include succession basics, business transfer, communication among family members, estate planning and case studies. Although the guidebook is was written for US farmers and land owners, those from other countries will find sections that are applicable to them, especially succession basics and communication within the family.

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